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About Us

We feel that our client's comfort and happiness are our number one priority, and we give our 100% to helping them reach their desired financial goals and live their dream lives.

Whenever you apply for a loan or credit card, someone will check your credit report, and if he finds something troublesome, you won't get approval. This is where we can help you get auto loans, mortgages and credit cards with high limits without a down payment.

For a long time, Impact Solutions has provided solutions to many credits and tradeline problems. Our vast experience is available to many people at reasonable and competitive prices with great ease. Hence, there is absolutely no need for you to trust someone else to boost your credit score when you have the feasibility of choosing us to provide you with the fastest and most affordable solution to boost your credit score right this instant.

Our Story

Impact Solutions has been very well-known in this credit business for a very long time. Our goal is to help ordinary people boost their credit scores or collect their debts, making their lives easier. We are tradeline experts who will make your business shine the brightest. Our vast experience as mortgage professionals means that we have worked with many credit reports for a very long time and have the skills to quickly assess the needs and develop a plan to successfully restore and boost your business's credit score.

We are also proven as the leaders of the debt recovery business due to our years of experience in successfully collecting debts from local and international debtors. Our goal is very similar to your goal: to resolve disputes on time and with maximum ease. We provide the best debt recovery services while tackling the challenges we encounter in this industry.

Our Story

At Impact Solutions, our top values are honesty, reliability, and profound trust. We make sure that we stick to these values in every step of our debt collection or tradeline process. We understand very well that we are dealing with money and people's lives, so we have to be very considerate and responsible while taking each step. Every step of our business needs to remain within legal and ethical bounds. All our services go through strict scrutiny to ensure that we are providing our best quality services to our clients and that our client's needs are being fulfilled as our top priority. We also believe in transparency and open communication in business, as we genuinely believe that no business relationship can last long without trust.

Our "People first" approach has been very popular among our clients and is something that makes us unique from other companies and organizations. Many of our clients have benefited from this approach in solving their credit score and debt collection problems. We have ensured that we provide our customers with the best, most ethical, and most professional customer care services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist people in the fields of credit and finance so that they can get access to financial aid in the form of loans or credit cards to make their dreams come true. This easy access to such amazing options was not available to ordinary people before, but now with our help, many people have gained enough knowledge and resources to boost their poor credit scores.

As a debt collector agency, our mission is to be the leading agency in this debt collection world by providing our clients with excellent debt collection resources all around the world. We achieve this mission by taking care of the integrity and confidentiality of the creditors and debtors throughout the process.

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